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Identity theft is said to be the number one crime in the world, so we do everything we can to protect our identity from theft. To lose our identity to a thief is a devastating thought. The first act of identity theft occurred in the Garden of Eden. This incident affected every human ever born. Losing our identity, not knowing who we really are, is like spending our lives groping in the dark, searching for a light to help us discover ourselves. 

Everyone has been exposed to some set of rules to live by with the promise of self-discovery. People spend their entire lives in the endless pursuit of "who am I really?" "why am I hear?" "what is the
purpose of life?" Then when we encounter a difficulty, we ask ourselves "was that God, the devil, or me?" Always trying to earn or qualify ourselves as good enough for God, we're never really sure if it worked, but we sure are working ourselves to death trying. There cannot be true peace or rest in living this way. Our identity crisis affects our passions, or what we do in our lives, our businesses, and occupations.

There is a discovery of the truth that will absolutely transform your life. It will open your eyes, inspire your God-given talent, and ignite your passion. When my eyes were opened to this truth in 2008, I experienced joy and genuine peace like I never really knew existed, except maybe in a dream. This truth so radically changed the way I thought, which only the unconditional love and great grace of God can do. This book is dedicated to those who have struggled with life because of identity theft. If we don't know who we really are, then we won't know just how priceless, accepted, and loved we really are. I have written this book with great excitement to share this life we all have been looking for
and just how fulfilling our businesses and occupations can be, fulfill your passions-a gift from God, your redemption is complete in Christ Jesus. Let the journey to freedom begin today.
Grace-Full Business Bytes
Here you will find short video's produced to encourage and inspire as we continue to grow in our newly discovered identity;
Short Devotional Video's, Produced to Encourage and Inspire.
The Conditioned Mind Pt 1
The Conditioned Mind Pt 2
The Conditioned Mind Pt 3
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